About Us

Optometrists, Dr. Cheryl Chapman and Dr. Chris Wolfe, set out to solve a problem. They noticed that their patients were not getting their eyelids cleaned. Looking at patient's eyelids under the microscope brought into focus the problem with poor eye and eyelid hygiene.

So, they and their team at Peeq, have built a platform to improve the hygiene of the eyelid and the eye. This includes their patent-pending device, the Peeq Waiva (available through participating optometrists), their Eyelid and Facial Cleanser(with tea tree oil), and other patient-centered products that they have carefully developed to sell through Peeq.

Ultimately, their discoveries and innovations help their patients on a day to day basis.

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  • Your Eyes are precious

    Discover and Adopt our Eyelid and Facial Cleanser made specifically for eyelid care and eyelid cleansing.

  • Your Skin is glowing

    With our variety of products you will find the cosmetics that suit your needs.

  • Goodies is our Love Language

    Boxes are some of our fan favorites. They come out once a month and contain our most popular product, the eyelid foam cleanser, plus some other goodies curated for you.

How Does Peeq Work

Many optometrists are now offering Peeq through our sister site, Peeq Pro. This is one way that patients can subscribe to regularly optometrists curated products. These are boxes that your optometrist has specially designed to be part of your care.

However, we also offer some Peeq products at retail. These include the tea tree oil cleanser, the peptide cream, an SPF sunscreen for use around the eyes, and other skin care products curated by professionals.


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What Our Customers Say

"Using my Peeq cleanser every morning is as good as my first cup of coffee."

-Gretna Vision Source Patient

  • "Loving my Eyelids!I love experimenting with eye makeup and mascara but I always struggle to find a good eye makeup remover that won't irritate my eyes, leave an oily residue and still remove all of my makeup.After using the Peeq Eyelid Cleanser my eyelids actually feel clean! Most importantly, it removes ALL of my eye makeup in one simple wash! I l don't have to forcefully scrub my eyelids to remove my eye makeup and there is no need for wipes, washcloths or q-tips. I'm so glad I discovered this product!"


  • "Love the cleanser! Previously my eyelids were flaky all the time (yuk!) and I'd get an occasional blepharitis flare up. I have been using the Peeq cleanser to wash my face and eyelids for a year now, and those symptoms are all but gone. I've had 1 slight flare up of flakiness, but nothing worse. I credit the Peeq cleanser with this huge and welcome improvement! The cleanser is gentle on my face also -- much less drying than the soap I was using (nothing fancy). I highly recommend the Peeq cleanser!"