About Peeq


In 2018, two optometrists got together and envisioned a cleanser that was able to meticulously clean in and around the eyes - equal parts clean ingredients, skin-loving benefits and relaxing anti-inflammatory botanicals. They knew that what you put on your skin can change the way you think about your skincare routine, so they decided to launch Peeq Industries to be a relaxing part of your daily life.

Peeq is a cosmetics and beauty company specifically targeted at cleansers and skincare. The company was co-founded by Dr. Cheryl Chapman and Dr. Christopher Wolfe, two optometrists in the Omaha Metro area who saw a trend in their patients, specifically women, who were coming in with chronic dry eyes or blepharitis. With experts, they created a cleanser that has been specifically developed to be used in and around the eye area to aide in preventative care for the eyes. 

Eyelids are hard to clean well.  Most makeup remover is intentionally to be used away from the eyes.  And frankly, most men don’t even wash their eyelids.  This is a long way of explaining the reasoning behind Peeq.

Peeq Industries has a goal to create an intervention that creates relaxation and delight for those five minutes so you go to bed with a restful and peaceful attitude with their line of skincare products. Using less preservatives and additional anti-inflammatory botanicals, Peeq products provide a relaxing a delightful experience for any skincare routine. Humans need something better than soap for their fragile eyelid ecosystem to be both hygienic and healthy.

Behind this promise, we also built a company that wants to build a relationship in which a person can trust the products.  We focused on making our products so that they have a low carbon footprint and also creates a delightful experience.  We feel a real sense of personal commitment to the process because Peeq is the first of its kind – a product set built specifically to step up eyelid care.

We are excited that you are considering our products because we have loved making them with you in mind.  Thank you for joining us on this journey. We can't wait to send you a customized box.