In 2018, Dr. Chris Wolfe and Dr. Cheryl Chapman came to my offices to talk about blepharitis and tools that optometrists use to clean the eyelids when confronted with a patient suffering from this illness.  During this conversation, we started talking about eyelids. 

To my horror, they detailed how gross eyelids can be.  They are hard to clean well.  Most makeup remover is intentionally to be used away from the eyes.  And frankly, most men don’t even wash their eyelids.  This is a long way of explaining the problem behind peeq.

“Eyelids are gross.”

With this as a starting premise, we started looking for ways to help people clean their eyelids more effectively – think brushing one’s teeth to clean off plaque.  We quickly realized that people, particularly women who wear makeup, need something that is specifically targeted to help clean their eyelids well.

That is why we developed peeq – to clean eyelids well.  We have created a cleanser and are creating other products to help with this process.  Surprisingly, we could find some competitors, but most were medical not cosmetic.  Humans need something better than soap for their fragile eyelid ecosystem to be both hygienic and healthy.

Behind this promise, we also built a company that wants to build a relationship in which a person can trust the products.  We focused on making our products so that they have a low carbon footprint.  We focused on building a product that creates a delightful experience.  We feel a real sense of personal commitment to the process because peeq is the first of its kind – not a knockoff of some other idea – but a product set built specifically to step up eyelid health.

We are excited that you are considering our products because we have loved making them with you in mind.  Thank you for joining us on this journey.